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TN Racing is a professional privateer racing team competing in the MGCC MG Trophy Championships, with no backing from manufacturers or big corporations; they are proof that you don’t need big money sponsorship to get started in UK motor racing. The team consists essentially of 3 main members; team principle Blaine Neaves and drivers Ollie and Dan Neaves.

Blaine Neaves has a proven track record in UK motorsport since 1990 and has driven and prepped cars with great success. This has given him the experience required for the role as team principle. Ollie was the Pete Best Insurance Championship in 2010, and gained his first win on his 5th race. He has great ability as a driver and can grab a car by the scruff of the neck and pull it around the track with great success. Dan Neaves started racing in 2009 in the MGCC PIBC in a modified MGB which he competed in until 2011. He has obtained many podium finishes, and managed his first podium result in his 2nd outing. Recently he achieved a 3rd in class at MG Live (Silverstone) racing in the MG Trophy.

The team are competing this year in the MGCC MG Trophy in class B. This championship is considered by many to be one of the UK’s best and most enjoyable single marquee championships on the UK motorsport scene. The championship has produced many drivers who have progressed into higher levels of UK motorsport. These include Fiona Leggate (British Touring Car Championship), Rachael Davies (Radical Clubman’s) and Jack Goff (Air Asia Clio Cup).

TN racing converted their MG ZR 190’s over to Evans Waterless Engine Coolants (Power Cool 180) this year. The benefits of using Power Cool became apparent whilst racing at Brands Hatch, the team noticed a small leak at the start of the race and was losing a very small amount of fluid. They decided to race anyway, knowing that under heat Evans Coolants don’t expand, which meant that there should be minimal lose during the race. After the race it was noticed that they had only lost a small amount of coolant from the system. Had they been running a water based coolant, team principle Blaine was confident that the car wouldn’t have finished the race.

“After some consideration we shoes to send the car out and I told Dan to monitor the temperature very carefully. A normal coolant system would have failed but we knew that the new Coolant wouldn’t force the fluid out under pressure. We were still worried but the car finished and we got some points.” Blaine Neaves, Team Principle, TN Racing

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