Evans Waterless Engine Coolants set new limits for Liquid Cooling

Water is cheap and an excellent heat transfer fluid, provided it operates within a limited temperature range. Specifically, below 100 C and above 0C. Adding 50% anti-freeze and applying 14.5psi raises the boiling point to 125 C and lowers the freezing point to -35. Surprisingly these additional measures regulary fail to prevent overheating in classic, high performance and heavy duty engines. The high Vapour pressure generated by water based coolants place long term and cyclic strain on hoses, pump seals, radiators etc. Often resulting in component failure and the discharge of scalding coolant, which flashes to steam.


Water is also the root cause of corrosion in engine. Current anti-freeze formulations regularly fail to prevent cavitation, oxidation and galvanic action, eating away pumps, radiators, liners etc. Corrosion build-up, inhibitor dropout and lime-scale precipitation significantly reduces heat transfer effciency and accelerates overheating. According to the BTC Testing Advisory Group "up to 60% of all engine failures (breakdowns) can be attributed to cooling system failure."


Evans Waterless Engine Coolants set new limits for Liquid Cooling. Specifically they;

  • Boil over at 180 C and cystallize (with no expansive force) below -40 C
  • Ensure Heat energyif effectively removed no matter what the load or cooling system condition.
  • Eliminate corrosion caused by oxidation and galvanic action.
  • Prevent, erosion to pumps, pitting of liners and warping of cylinder heads.
  • Generate one quarter of the vapour pressure associated to water based coolants.

Unlike standard anti-freeze Evans Waterless Engine Coolants are NON-TOXIC and have been proven to last an engine lifetime.


Evans distribute through marque specialists such as Melvynn Rutter Ltd (Morgan specialist). Our distributors and conversion centres can be found by clicking here; http://www.evanscooling.uk.com/Stockists.html



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