Evans Waterless Engine Coolants Conversion Centres

Melvyn Rutter

With over 36 years of experience and hard work, Melvyn has built up a facility that provides an outstanding service for Morgan owners.

It’s been said that they’re the No: 1 company for Morgan Cars, carrying out virtually everything in house.

Customers have brought their cars to Melvyn from all over the world for both partial and full restoration services.

Melvyn is also able to supply a vast range of spare parts, either new or restored, and they can be supplied over the counter or via fast delivery mail.

2012 saw Melvyn become a major distributor and conversion centre for Evans Waterless Engine Coolants.




David Ayre Vintage Car Restoration


David Ayre is a restoration company specialising in Vintage Bentley, W.O Bentley, S type Invicta and Lagonda.

With over 30 years Experience in the Vintage Car Industry, David Ayres’ specialise in The Pre War Bentley, in particular the W. O. 6 1/2 and Speed Six Vintage Bentley, Lagonda and S Type Invicta. To date David Ayre has fully restored a number of W. O. 6½ Litre Vintage Bentleys, Speed Six's, Lagondas and S Type Invictas which have achieved numerous rally successes including many "Monte Carlo" wins with Invictas, along with competing in many long distance rallies with Lagondas and Speed Six Vintage Bentleys.

Many of the cars they’ve restored over the years have achieved wins at Pebble Beach and at International Concours d’Elegance events. This means they are able to provide customers with a very dedicated and comprehensive service to all owners of vintage cars.

David & Karen Ayre bought the Itala in 2005 to take part in the 2007 Centenary “Peking to Paris".  David started to Restore his 1907 40 HP Itala to compete in the Centenary “Peking to Paris” as well as preparing 2 other 6½ Vintage Bentleys for the Rally. In 2007 the Itala did Successfully Complete the Peking to Paris Rally without Major Problems. The Itala was Fully Restored by David Ayre for this event and since then has travelled extensively and taken part in many events and rallies.

As of 2012 David Ayre has become a conversion centre for Evans Waterless Engine Coolants.

“Evans Coolant will improve your cooling system performance and will also protect your engine, extending its life and improving reliability” David Ayres


David Brown Vintage and Classic Restorations


A family run business that was established in 1984. With over twenty five years experience the company has gained enviable reputation for attention to detail, quality and service.

A specialist in vintage and classic motor vehicles covering periods from the early days of motoring, through to classics and iconic cars of recent years.

With a team of dedicated skilled crafts people producing high quality workmanship meeting all the needs of the vintage and classic motorist.

The company has specialist departments for every aspect of vehicle restoration offering a wide variety of services. Recently they added a conversion service to convert cars/vehicles across to Evans Waterless Engine Coolants.

In 2007 David Brown Restorations achieved a 1st place AON award for excellence. They have also been awarded a Bonham Award for Restoration Excellence. 


Richard C Moss


With 44 years of experience, RC Moss is one of a few companies that can truly build authentic vintage cars.

They have restored over 20 cars to date which include an Edward Panhard Lavassar Racing Car. Eighteen of the cars which have been restored by RC Moss have had concours wins. Which is more than any other restoration firm?

Recent projects have included Bill Lakes 6.5 Le Man Car, and are currently undertaking a full restoration of OLD No 2, having completed OLD No: 1, the two times Le Mans Winner and Brooklands Outer circuit Car.

One of the most exciting projects RC Moss has undertaken was the building of an aero engine vintage Bentley, which has broken several British sprint and endurance records. Thunderbolt was built using a Merlin 27 litre V12 engine, and a six speed Bentley chassis.

In 2012 RC Moss started to use Evans Waterless Engine Coolants in the cars they restore as well as becoming a distributor.

“I use Evans Waterless Engine Coolants in both my restorations and my own vintage vehicles. I now run the famous Thunderbolt aero Bentley with Evans Vintage Cool 180. I am very pleased with the performance and would recommend Evans Waterless Engine Coolants for protection, peace of mind and performance in all vintage vehicles.”

Graham Moss,
Vintage Restoration Specialists.


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