MG Live

MG Live saw a weekend of MG cars, events and racing at Silverstone last weekend, with an approximate attendance of around 15,00 visitors over the course of the two days, its definitely the highlight of the MG calendar.

The event is well supported with 14 races and included the prestigious MGB50 which saw 58 FIA spec MGB’s all of which were pre 1966 and included 4 original examples built at the Morris Garage by the competitions department. The MGCC is currently in talks with the Guinness Book of Records to have the 58 car race grid included in the next edition. The guest of honour at the show was Paddy Hopkirk, considered by many as one of the greatest rally drivers of all time. Paddy made his name in the mini taking overall victory in the 1964 Monte Carlo Rally.

There were several drivers over the weekend using Evans Waterless Engine coolants competing in the following races; MG Trophy, MG Metro Cup, Pete Best Insurance Championship and the Morgan Aero Challenge.

TN Racing

Ollie had issues with his car, which was leaking gas and oil which resulted in under steering problems. This was an issue that plagued his car all weekend, even though the team tried to alter the car to compensate for the situation. The team had a good weekend of racing with Dan finishing 3rd in class in the 1st race and received driver of the Race in the 2nd.

“I’m surprised to be getting this award particularly as I ended up behind the guys I was racing; it was a great race and it shows how competitive we are becoming to be within 13 seconds of the winner in a 20 minute race is still 13 seconds to much but we’re getting better”. Dan Neaves, TN Racing.

Dan lays 8th overall in the championship and 4th in class B and Oillie is currently laying 16th overall.

Alistair Rushforth Motorsports

Rushforth Motorsports have drivers competing in both the MG Trophy and the MG Metro Cup. Alistair had a weekend fraught with bumps and scrapes on the track, receiving some damage to the car in race 1, but this didn’t deter him from gaining a 3rd in class in the second race.

In the MG Metro Cup Matt Rushforth came 5th in both races picking up 12 valuable points in his chase for the championship. Fellow team mate Simon Wilson finished 6th in each of the two races picking valuable points in his bid for the championship. Simon is currently lying 6th in class and 12th overall in the championship.

Overall Rushforth Motorsports had a successful weekend.

Simon Tinkler

Competing in the Pete Best Insurance Championship he had a very successful weekend picking up a 1st and 2nd. These valuable points will help with his race for the championship, and this was his first win this season. Prior to the Silverstone meet Simon was placed 6th overall in the championship, so these valuable points gained at MG Live will hopefully push him closer to the title.


Simon Tinkler (Pete Best Insurance Challenge) 1st and 2nd
Dan Neaves (MG Trophy) 3rd in class in race 1
Alaistair Rushforth (MG Trophy) 3rd in Class in race 2
David Koskela (MG Trophy) 1st in class
Marc Koskela (MG Trophy) 2nd in class
Matthew Wurr (Morgan Aero Racing Challenge Series) 1st


It was an excellent weekend for the Evans Waterless Engine Coolants trade stand, meeting a large number of valuable and interested parties. The team also converted 5+ cars during the two day event which included both road going and track cars.

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