Once again the Earl of March - and his incredible team, have staged the world's best Automotive and Entertainment event!I
Each year I go, I reel out of Goodwood muttering to myself, that's it, it can't get any better than that.
I'm delighted to say that the 2009 Revival built upon and surpassed all previous years - and yes, it is the best ever!!!!.
The sensory and emotive overload as you stroll through the brilliantly staged event "arena" are overwhelming.
Everywhere you look, small and large details transport you back in time to the 50's and 60's.
One of the most endearing aspects of the event is the way that the attendees have embraced period costume, adding layer upon layer of patina as the mixture of cars, costumes, sounds and people mix into one of the greatest visual treats of our time.
Lets not forget that the Goodwood Revival is about the cars...............................

Fourteen brilliantly organised and staged races.
Cars organised by race event in the pit area and beautifully produced signs announce their heratige.
Famous drivers; Sir Stirling Moss (celebrating his 80 Birthday at the event - still driving like the Champion he is), Brian
Redman (10 times world champion); Bobby Rahal (IRL Champion and Indy 500 winner); Derek Bell, Danny Sullivan, Jackie Oliver and famous non- professionals; Nick Mason, Paddins Dowling and James Wood.

If you love cars, read on.
The 14 staged races feature the world's best maintained examples of Ferrari, Lola, Maserati, Jaguar, Lotus, Bentley, Alfa Romeo, Bugatti, Aston Martin, Lagonda.
The event featured 50 years on Mini production (with a spectacular race) and 75 years of ERA competition.
There is a wonderful video re-creation of the event on the Goodwood site at: www.goodwood.co.uk - Motorsports - Revival.
The fellowship between the drivers and the public is a wonder to behold.
The historic knowledge that is shared from owner to driver to fan is the most unselfish I've ever seen.
These competitors literally will stay up all night to help fix their competitor's equipement, so that they can race together the next day.
Historic and Vintag racers are a special breed :-))
Put attending this event at the top of your "Bucket List".
Its a must do for everyone that loves cars.
I hope to be attending for the rest of my life.
Congratulations Lord March to you and your wonderful Team.
Warmest regards - Stephen Page

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