Simple instructions for Converting to Evans Waterless Engine Coolants

Step 1.

Draining your system.

whilst not essential we would recommend the engine is run until warm. This will help ensure any sediment is partially loosened and coolant viscosity lowered. Drain the existing coolant from the entire cooling system including the heater matrix and all hoses. Remember that antifreeze is toxic and should be collected and disposed of responsibly.

Tips & Tricks

Blowing low pressure compressed air through the system after draining can help remove any coolant that remains within dead legs etc. J****** the car so that it is angled toward the drain plug will also help.















Step 2.

Using Evans Prep Fluid.

To further ensure that the cooling system is as free from water as possible we recommed Evans Prep Fluid. This hygroscopic fluid absorbs any residual water and removes any loose dirt and scale. Fill the system with Evans Prep Fluid and run the engine until normal operating temperature is reached. Allow to cool then redrain.

Tips & Tricks

Once you have drained the Prep Fluid store it in an air tight container as it can be used several times.









Step 3.

Fill with Evans Waterless Coolant.

Fill the system with the appropriate Evans coolant. Run the engine until normal operating temperature is reached to displace any trapped air. After the initial fill check the coolant level and top up if necessary.
















Provided the system is not left open to the atmosphere or accidentally contaminated with water it will last the life time of the engine. Forget longlife, Evans is 4life!

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