This year Evans Waterless Coolants are sponsoring a number of events, drivers and racing teams. The team at Evans decided to sponsor two race series, a classic car championship and a modern road car series. Both race championships require the drivers to race road spec cars. The MG Trophy all the cars are modern MG vehicles that are available to the public, where as the 70's Roadsports Championship with the HSCC the cars are now considered classics, which means that there is a wide variety of differing cars on the track.


HSCC Evans Waterless Engine Coolants 70’s Roadsports Championship


The HSCC was created in 1966 by a small group of enthusiasts, notably Guy Griffiths and Betty Haig. They were frustrated by a lack of races for older sports cars and wanted to stop them being modified, inappropriately, beyond their original specification or exported to the USA. Members from the sixties, and we have quite a few, say we were formed to help competitors enjoy themselves racing 'nice proper cars' on interesting circuits.




In recent years the HSCC have been asked to organise the 'Silverstone Classic' and historic races supporting the British Grand Prix. Today, the Club is proud to be playing a role in making historic racing the fastest growing part of the UK racing scene.


This year Evans Waterless Engine Coolants are sponsoring the HSCC 7o’s Road sports Championship. It’s a race series for road-legal production sports cars produced and registered in the 1970s. Some minor modifications to engines and suspension are permitted, but body shells must remain standard. The result is a huge and varied field, packed with Porsches, Datsuns, MGs and many more marquees.



Competitors are only allowed to make minor modifications to engine and suspension, body shell must remain as standard. Cars must also remain road legal and drivers are awarded additional points if they drive to the circuit. John Thomason is the man to beat this year as the current reigning champion.


MGCC -  Evans Power Cool MG Trophy


The MG Car Club has a long history in hosting its own competitions and meeting catering for all forms of motorsport, weather its track racing, rallying, hill climbs or trials. These have been designed specifically for the enjoyment of its members, along with encouraging and assisting those taking their first steps into motorsports.

The MGCC currently promotes and runs seven race championships, which meet all over the UK. These are either at its own run events or as invited guests at other club championship meets.


The MG Trophy is one of the UK’s most enjoyable club championships. It offers high quality close racing with options for equally competitive front wheel drive in the MG ZR’s and rear wheel drive in the MG TF and LE 500 cars.

The trophy has in recent years produced drivers who have gone onto higher levels of motor racing. These have included Fiona Leggate, who moved up to the BTCC (British Touring Cars Championships) and Jack Goff to the Clio Cup.


The regulations in the trophy are designed to keep the costs down to a minimum, making the series suitable for both novice and experienced drivers. All of this makes it one of the most cost effective single club championships in the UK.

This Year Evans Waterless Engine Coolants is sponsoring the Brands Hatch round of the MG Trophy, rebranded as the Evans Power Cool MG Trophy for that particular round.

"We are very pleased to announce 'Evans Waterless Cooling' as our race sponsor at Brands Hatch for the Bank Holiday weekend 5/6th May. Evans have an innovative product which they are launching in the UK and we're extremely pleased that they have chosen the MG Trophy races here as their launch platform" Pete Macwaters
MG Trophy Championship Co-ordinator 

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