The Itala was discovered by Group Captain Rexford-Welch lying derelict on a farm in Oxfordshire in the late 40’s whilst on a night rally. The Itala had apparently been sitting in a Farmyard derelict for over 30 years!

The Group Captain abandoned his rally and sat waiting until dawn to approach the landowner. He promptly purchased the Itala from the farm owners and then towed it back to London with his Lagonda and restored it in his garage in Baker Street.



After quite a lengthy restoration project The Itala was eventually completed and used on many events in the late 50’s and up until the 1960's when sadly it was laid to rest again for over 40 years.

David & Karen Ayre bought the Itala in 2005 to take part in the 2007 Centenary “Peking to Paris". David started to Restore his 1907 40 HP Itala to compete in the Centenary “Peking to Paris” as well as preparing 2 other 6½ Vintage Bentleys for the Rally.


In 2007 the Itala did Successfully Complete the Peking to Paris Rally without Major Problems. The Itala was Fully Restored by David Ayre for this event and since then has travelled extensively and taken part in many events and rallies. With over 30 years Experience in the Vintage Car Industry, David Ayres’ specialise in The Pre War Bentley, in particular the W. O. 6 1/2 and Speed Six Vintage Bentley, Lagonda and S Type Invicta.


To date David Ayre has fully restored a number of W. O. 6½ Litre Vintage Bentleys, Speed Six's, Lagondas and S Type Invictas which have achieved numerous rally successes including many "Monte Carlo" wins with Invictas, along with competing in many long distance rallies with Lagondas and Speed Six Vintage Bentleys.

 As of 2012 David Ayre has become a conversion centre for Evans Waterless Engine Coolants. “Evans Coolant will improve your cooling system performance and will also protect your engine, extending its life and improving reliability” David Ayres


(Images courtesy of David Ayres)

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