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An Interview with Chris Kaufmann - Ford Racing Legend

I had the opportunity recently to interview Chris Kaufmann. Chris is a Ford racing legend and has really done it all and worked with (it seems like) everyone of note - Roush, Glidden, etc. He's been a drag racer, a road racer, and open road racer, a cop, a business owner, a PR man, a crew chief for Rob Kinnan (Edit of Hot Rod magazine)....and the list goes on! For those that have a passion for racing, he's a person to learn from - no matter where you are in your racing career (hobbyist, novice,… Continue

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love my cars!

I have two cars, one is newly bought and the other one was bought 2 years ago. I have a huge interest in cars that is why when I was in college, all about cars is the topic I picked for my research paper. I've decided that if my cars are not in the demand at all, I will never ever sell them.

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I want a CAR!

I've been working for ten years as an architect but until now I don't have a car yet. I am quite thrifty and practical but I am not satisfy of what I have now, something is missing. I think I should get a car now, I have savings in bank and I think that would be enough to have a nice car. I'm now joining forums and reading articles, research papers about the latest car it's models and it's features.

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What if you could never drive again?

I saw a recent advertising campaign for the new 2010 Mustang. It featured a gentleman that had lost his sight years ago in an accident. One of the things he missed most was the thrill of driving, so Ford created an opportunity for he and a few other vision impaired people to drive the new Mustang on a private strip with former Mustang Trans Am racer Tommy Kendall. It’s a terrific advertising campaign (click… Continue

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: GT RACER Season Two - Available on DVD worldwide.

September 24th, 2009, New York City – John Galt Films, Inc. announces the worldwide release of Alexander Davidis’ popular classic racing TV-series GT RACER - Season Two on DVD.

GT RACER is the spectacularly innovative cinéma varieté style documentary series that looks and feels like feature film, following international vintage racing.

Season Two is available as a Four-Disc Box Set. For the… Continue

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The Goodwood Revival - 2009 Report

Once again the Earl of March - and his incredible team, have staged the world's best Automotive and Entertainment event!I

Each year I go, I reel out of Goodwood muttering to myself, that's it, it can't get any better than that.

I'm delighted to say that the 2009 Revival built upon and surpassed all previous years - and yes, it is the best ever!!!!.

The sensory and emotive overload as you stroll through the brilliantly staged event… Continue

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GRAND OPENING Johnny Rockets and SO-CAL Speed Shop Exhibit and Retail Experience!

Grab a burger and meet SO-CAL Speed Shop's Alex Xydias and Pete Chapouris this Saturday!

Hamburgers are an American icon, and so are hot rods. These two icons will come together on the Miracle Mile on September 19, 2009. The world renown Petersen Automotive Museum will hold a Grand Opening Celebration for the new Johnny Rockets restaurant located in the Museum right on the corner of Wilshire Boulevard and Fairfax Avenue.

Order food all… Continue

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Vintage Racing Muscle Cars ROCK!

There may not be a car person on the planet (much less a muscle car person) that does not agree: vintage racing muscle cars rock! Specifically, 1960’s and 70’s era NASCAR and Trans Am cars. Why? Because these cars were…well, just like the real thing – only race cars.

In the early days of NASCAR, the Stock Cars that ran the track were….stock…cars. Well, technically, they were modified a bit, but they started out as Detroit models and… Continue

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new DVD - 'Yesterday's Racers' volume 4 just completed

I have just put the finishing touches to my latest vintage racing DVD, this is the fourth and I think it's probably the best yet. As per usual, it runs for just on an hour and this time features an Amilcar Rally in the South of France, an interview with Team Lotus Team Manager Peter Warr, part 2 of our interview with Ron Tauranac, a piece on the un-raced Lotus 58 and some footage from the Club Lotus show at Donington with a feature on Jim Clark's race cars.

Please feel free to e-mail me at… Continue

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Sorting the Past

Just spent a couple of days sorting and labeling more photos. Found some from SCORE Off-road races in 1978/1979, also some from the Riverside 6-Hour enduro race. Also more from the IROC races at Riverside. Then there are the pictures from the Monterey Historics 1977/1978/1979. What a collection.

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Traveled to Savannah, GA. lately?

Having vacationed in Savannah, GA. just a few weeks ago a friend forwarded this to me thinking I would get a kick out of reading it. Someone posted this on Craigslist in the Personal section. I found this to be very entertaining to read so I thought I would share it!

To the Guy Who Tried to Mug Me in Downtown Savannah night before last.

Date: 05-27-09, 1:43 A M EST.

I was the guy wearing the black Burberry jacket that you demanded that I hand over, shortly… Continue

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Is your muscle car too nice to drive?

A question to pose this week: is your muscle car too nice to drive? By that, I mean to say, is your muscle car too valuable to drive – or built with so much care and so many special touches – that the risk of driving it on the open road is too great?

Would you risk taking this GTO out on the open road?

I’m on vacation in St Louis this week, and Labor Day was just a few days ago. Here in St Louis I saw two mid-1980’s Buick GN’s on… Continue

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A discussion with Kevin Oeste from V8TV

For those of you that are fans of The V8TV Show, this week I had the opportunity to interview Kevin Oeste (head of V8TV Productions) for The MuscleCar Place online podcast.

If you've ever wanted to have your car restored - on a TV show - this is the show… Continue

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Latest News from The Hellé Nice Foundation - BE A PART OF HISTORY!

After much thought and input from Friends of Hellé, the decision has been made to postpone the placing of the marker for Hellé Nice until September of 2010. It is thought that having it coincide with the annual Bugatti gathering at Molshiem, it may insure there are many more Bugattis and enthusiasts in the area to attend the memorial. I really would like to see the French Bugatti enthusiasts as well as racing and classic car enthusiasts have a wonderful "once in a lifetime" procession from… Continue

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Goodwood Revival

Anyone headed to Goodwood in two weeks?

We will be there with two cars.

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How to Insure a Muscle Car: The Saga Continues

Whether you currently own a classic muscle car or you’d like to, and regardless or the year, make, or model involved, we all have one very common need: insurance.

Should you insure this '69 Daytona in the same you do your Toyota Camry? Not on your life!

Ah, insurance – the one word that almost everyone (except insurance agents) say with a tone of disgust. Most of the time, people take on auto insurance policies and pay the… Continue

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Car Forums

This is one of the best car forums I have been to. I have an STI and a Honda Prelude SH. The SH is my daily driver and the STI is what I pull out of the garage every weekend for a little fun. If you have any improvements or mods that are not so expense and give good results please let me know. I'm always looking to sup up the Subi.

Copper sinks - Ultrasound repair… Continue

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IMMEDIATE RELEASE: GT RACER Season II premiers on Discovery HD

GT RACER Season II premiers on Discovery HD

September 1, 2009, New York City – John Galt Films, Inc. announces the premier of the second season of Alexander Davidis’ popular TV-series GT RACER on historic racing.

Season two’s first episode airs in the US on Friday, September 4 at 8 PM ET on Discovery HD Theater, available on Optimum Digital Cable Channel 765, Comcast Digital Cable and Time Warner Digital Cable channel 819. In the UK… Continue

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What do Chicago Stockyards, Havana, and Watkins Glen have in common?

What do Chicago Stockyards, Havana, and Watkins Glen have in common?

They are among the 125 tracks Pete Hylton writes about in his newest release, More Ghost Tracks. These three are joined by ghost tracks in Texas, the Rockies, the Mid South and Gulf Coast, as well as famous hillclimbs, and airport tracks. More Ghost Tracks also includes the history of tracks through such famous parks as Paramount Ranch, Pebble Beach and Palm Beach Shores as well as an entire chapter devoted… Continue

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