FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: GT RACER Season Two - Available on DVD worldwide.

September 24th, 2009, New York City – John Galt Films, Inc. announces the worldwide release of Alexander Davidis’ popular classic racing TV-series GT RACER - Season Two on DVD.
GT RACER is the spectacularly innovative cinéma varieté style documentary series that looks and feels like feature film, following international vintage racing.

Season Two is available as a Four-Disc Box Set. For the die-hard racing enthusiast and historic racing connoisseur it special features two sound tracks; background music ‘on’ and ‘off’. The two sound tracks can be toggled while viewing by using the audio button of the DVD player’s remote control. This gives the viewer the option to just enjoy glorious engine noises of 1960s Bizzarrinis, Ferraris, Jaguars, Morgans, Mustangs and Cobras at any time during the screening. The program was shot in High Definition (HD) and considerable work went into the compression and authoring process to maintain the highest picture quality that is available on standard definition DVDs today to deliver the top-end GT RACER experienced on any DVD player or computer, in any region worldwide. This DVD Box Set takes the viewer literally inside the cars and onto the tracks.

GT RACER’s Season One, airing on UKTV’s channel ‘Dave’ is one of Britain’s top rated shows on television. In Season Two further twelve idiosyncratic race teams give a peek at the most spectacular series of international classic racing, where the most beautiful classic racers ever built battle it out on the world's most glamorous racing circuits of Europe and America. In the U.S. Season Two premiered earlier this month on Discovery’s HD Theater instantly creating a buzz throughout the automotive chat rooms and blog-sphere. Car enthusiasts call it already “the best show on television” with the forth episode “La Carrera Panamericana” yet to premiere, Friday September 25th on Discovery’s HD Theater 8:00PM ET with multiple reruns on consecutive days.

The four discs feature the latest “Le Mans Classic”, the “500KM Marathon” on the Germany’s Nürburgring, the “Masters Series Festival” at Magny Cours and the legendary “Carrera Panamericana” in Mexico.

At present the Four-DVD Box Set is available on
and through the Discovery Channel Store:
At the Discovery Channel Store the DVD Box Set can also be phone ordered by calling 1.800.627.9399

John Galt Films, Inc. is the New York City based boutique production company behind the program. Owner Alexander Davidis writes, directs and produces the GT RACER TV-series. He can be reached at or by phone: +1 (212) 744.7441. GT RACER DVD viewing copies are available for editorial reviews.

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