What is the Second Most Famous Clock in the World Worth ?

The 24hrs of LeMans Clock (the Only one in Private Hands) is an incredible rare and exclusive opportunity = truly a once in a lifetime = a Pebble Beach Headliner Item!

The Clock & Racing Control Assembly was located at the Start/Finish line at LeMans

Approximately 5ft tall by 10ft long in an exterior type metal case (exact details below)

Pebble Peach last year and this Amelia Island shows that several serious later model Porsche Collectors exists which is but one potential group of buyers (Jaguar 1990, Mazda 1991, Peugeot 1992 + 1993, Porsche 1994 + 1996 + 1997, McClaren 1995)

. . . each of these winning cars are valued in excess of $1M+.   

1) Call for the three page review of the clock which we did for The Discovery Channel earlier this year which gives a lot of specific details

2) Call for the National Geographic Article from February 2012 naming the 24hrs of LeMans as the #1 Event in the World.

3) While it is likely that this would be a fixture at a Porsche Collection, it is possible, to ship this to other sites for special events (New York Marathon for example), or even as a Porsche Dealer promotional tool and then returned!

4) Attached are: Photos of the heavy duty reusable shipping crate, One Page Information flyer, the Steve McQueen LeMans racing uniform sold in December

5) The last few photos are from the gentleman in Los Angeles that owns the Studio The Discovery Channel used in February 2012 . . . as you can see “he wanted” (insisted) that we get photos of His Porsche with the 24hrs of LeMans Clock. Also interesting that almost ½ of the film crews also took photos with the Clock . . . why we believe this is a powerfully Rare Item

One of the great applications = would be the photo opportunities with the Clock as a keepsake photo

6) Listed Below are the Years and the Manufacturers who won while the clock was in Place at LeMans 

The Clock & Race Assembly as now restored (estimate value $250,000)

This is a One of a Kind – Exclusive (only one in Private Hands in the World)

Marshall D Gardner

AIC International Corporation

Dallas, Texas USA

Work: (214) 634-2900

Email: aicdallas@att.net

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