The MOST Valuable and Most Collectible LeMans Poster in the World! - The original Carroll Shelby signed 1959 LeMans Poster.

This IS the MOST Valuable and Most Collectible LeMans Poster in the World!

A piece of racing history with Perfect Provenance something no other Poster can Claim.

Carroll Shelby Signed Original 1959 LeMans Poster.

Carroll Shelby’s 1959 WIN at LeMans in an Aston Martin launched his Career and Legacy.

The Very Best of The Very Best.

The 1959 LeMans poster is considered one of the most beautiful posters ever created with stunning artwork by Beligond and is considered the MOST Collectible of LeMans posters by the Pebble Beach RetroAuto of the Concours d’Elegance.

This original signed 1959 24 Hours of LeMans poster is signed by the Winning Driver - Carroll Shelby. This is the race that started one of the most famous careers in racing history.

This Original Poster was purchased from the ACO LeMans Museum Archives from the first ever ACO LeMans Archive Auction in 2007 (Not a reprint or reproduction). The Provenance is Perfect and Unquestionable. Proof of Provenance from the ACO LeMans comes with the poster.

NO OTHER 1959 LeMans Poster can Claim this Level of Provenance.

This poster remains in its original 1959 poster tube and has only seen the light of day a handful of times.

This is the MOST Valuable & MOST Collectible LeMans poster in the World with Perfect Provenance.


1959 FACTORY Aston Martin at LeMans Film (made in 1959!!)



Marshall Gardner

AIC International Corporation

Dallas, Texas USA

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