Wanted - Information about a 1966 Chevrolet Corvette coupe VIN #: 194376 S 113963

To Whom It May Concern:

 I have purchased a 1966 Chevrolet Corvette coupe VIN #: 194376 S 113963

I am seeking information for its restoration.  As part of that restoration I would like to trace its history through all previous owners, if possible. 

The Vehicle was manufactured on Feb. 15, 1966, at Chevrolet – St. Louis and was shipped to Nelson Chevrolet in Seattle, Washington.   That dealer is no longer in business.  It was originally Nassau blue with a bright blue vinyl interior. 

Manufacturing plant records were lost so I do not know how the car was equipped when new.  At some point the car was converted into a race car and most of the original equipment was removed or changed.  A full roll cage is installed.  It was also repainted red with a white racing stripe (photo available).

It was likely raced in northwestern US SCCA, SVRA and CASC events prior to 1990.  There is a CASC tag 4-197 (Prairie region: Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba) on the dash.  It was possibly raced at Edmonton and/or Winnipeg.  

The earliest owner I have identified is Mr. Robert Pass (of Passport Transport) in St. Louis MO.  He sold it to Mr. Ed Henning of Charleston SC at the Palm Beach Historic race at Moroso Park FL about March 10, 1990, where Bob Woodman (BW Tires) test drove it.  Bob also prepped it for the 1990 AvG Old-timers Grand Prix in Nurburgring, where it qualified but suffered engine failure.  Keith Mastriforte (Special Cars Only in Oldsmar FL) partially refurbished the car after a warehouse fire where the logbooks were lost.

 I am requesting any information as to early owners, dates of transfer, warranty records, accident records, entry lists, race results, old pictures, etc.  Anything that helps document the car’s history will be appreciated.  I am hoping that there may be something in your files or memory.  I will also appreciate it if you could refer me to any other possible sources of information and/or personal contacts.

Any fees required for such searches will be remitted in any way you request, and I will be happy to sign any applicable non-disclosure agreement.

Thank you for your assistance in this matter.

Anthony Caracciolo     Phone:  910-371-2375     NCRS #2009

1007 W. Cove Loop, Leland, NC  28451                 

Email:   a_caracciolo@bellsouth.net

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