New Ruling Planned by Brussels Could Kill the UK Classic Car Industry

Under the new shake up of the MoT system being planned by Brussels could result in thousands of classic cars becoming illegal. Many experts believe these proposals have the potential to cripple4 the repair and restoration sector of the UK car industry.


What's being proposed by the European Commission, is that all cars that are more then 30 years old will be exempt from MoT testing. Though only if they haven't had any change in the technical characteristics of the car. Such as the main components like the braking system, steering, engine and suspension.



The AA have stated that if this law is passed, it will mean that any car which has been fitted with anything from updated brakes through to larger alloy wheels would not pass the MoT.Which would make those cars illegal to drive on any UK road.


The classic/historic car industry currently contributes an estimated £4.3 billion to the UK economy  and employs more than 28,00 people.

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