I know, it's not a motorcycle racing website, but I just included this to give you a little of my racing brief and under-funded as it was. (1972-1979)

My 2010-2015 motorsport budget, which will cover expenses for 5 years, is $45 Million USD.

I can be one of the top race car drivers in the world, "IF" given the financial opportunity...the BIG if...I can prove the point that it is money being pumped into a motorsport team, and not the athletic ability of the driver...who couldn't win if they drove for Ferrari formula 1 ?

If you are a qualified investor, please contact Don Pentecost 480-241-2331 (Phoenix, Arizona USA)

FIA GT Racing

Nascar Investments, Nascar Sponsorship, drag racing investments, drag racing sponsorship

Please check out my other motorsport related sites for more details;

I know, terrible photo...shot it right in the picture frame...1972 DKW 125, my first "racing" motorcycle...turned out to be a piece of junk. Of course I didn't think that when I saw it on the showroom.

The bottom photo is 2 years later on a 1974 250cc Honda Elsinore two-stroke..(but I only had about 4-5 races on that DKW in the 125 class (never got out of the novice class)'s hard to win when the bike won't shift, and you can't afford a "shift kit".

As soon as I got a bike that actually would shift, and had enough power to win...I easily won my first novice race, and they (CMC) immediately moved me to the 250 Intermediate class (and I won my first race in that class).

CMC moved me to the "expert" (pro class) that class with a box stock 250 elsinore and little to no practice, it was really tough. I was only able to race about once every month (or sometimes less), because my parents were NOT paying the bills for me to race...and I was only doing minimum wage work at 17-21 years old.

I did beat "name" racers (once) like Eirstedt, Billy Henderson, and Jeff Jennings. It was also extremely dangerous for me to race then (looking back on it now). I couldn't afford decent protective gear except for a helmet. I had gloves, and lace up construction boots. No chest or shoulder protectors, no "leathers" ( I wore levi jeans). No one had neck protection.

One time I damaged my regular boots in practice and I lost my racing jersey, so I raced the pro class at Escape Country in southern California in a button-up Hawaiian shirt, and van tennis shoes...of course everyone was looking at me like I was a freak. I never claimed to be a "conformist".

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