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August  2016


**Carreras Fiesta, Monterey, August 20, 2016


The 10th annual Carreras Fiesta will be held in Monterey, California on August 20, next Saturday evening.  This is an annual fund-raiser for Lupita Hernandez, the Mexican nurse who lost both legs in a Pan-Am accident.  Renee Brinkerhoff, the Pan-Am’s new “ambassador” in the U.S. and the race’s former rep, Gerie Bledsoe, will attend.  And for the first time, the Pan-Am office in Mexico City may be represented.  The Pan-Am will also have an exhibit at Laguna Seca. 


The fiesta will be held at LouLou’s Griddle, Monterey Municipal Pier # 2, 5:30-8:30 PM.  This is a drop-in setting.  Come by, have some tapas, and say hello when you have a chance. A $60 contribution is requested.


If you plan to attend, please contact Bill Hemmer or call 415-725-6119. Seating is limited, early reservations are encouraged, and all contributions are accepted. 


**Chihuahua Express – Tentative Dates, April 26-30. 2017


Event organizer Chacho Medina has set as April 26-30 as the dates for the 2017 Chi-X.  The date is always set each year not to conflict with the Easter holidays in Mexico.


Mr. Medina has visited Chihuahua several times this summer to check out roads for a possible fourth day of racing. Thus far no decision has been made.  Reportedly, because of a shortage of suitable highways, it is difficult to find a suitable route for a fourth day that does not duplicate the transit of Day 2 to the Copper Canyon.



**La Carrera Panamericana – Oct. 14-20, 2016


Because of political unrest in the state and city of Oaxaca, the route for the Pan-Am has been changed and one day eliminated.  The new starting city will be Queretaro on Oct. 14.  Overnights along the way include:  Puebla, Mexico City, Toluca, Morelia, Guanajuato, and Zacatecas.  It will end in Durango on October 20, as planned.  The qualifying run will be held outside of the city of Queretaro, but the route to Puebla and from Puebla to Mexico City has not been announced or posted on the official web site.


**Rally Histórico Transpeninsula (Baja), May 25-29, 2017


This new event, soon to be in its third year, is adding a fourth day in 2017, given the 1031 miles route down the Baja peninsula from Tijuana to Cabo, normally a 22 hour drive in the family car.  It has also been moved up to May, rather than June.  The event is for vintage and modern cars. It also includes a touring class for those not into high speed racing.  Check it out on FaceBook.


**ISO Funded Co-Driver


A gentleman racer from Wisconsin with three years of Pan-Am experience needs a funded co-driver for his Original Pan Am Oldsmobile for the event in October.  Share expenses and the driving.  Call Clyde at 815-354-1915.



**Cars, Support, and Engines for Sale

1966 Mustang. Available: An opportunity to own a highly competitive piece of Mexico Road Racing History.  Vehicle featured in the GT Racer Video Series La Carrera Panamericana.  A Mustang fresh off recent Historic “C” top finishes at Chihuahua Express and La Carrera Panamericana, with a history of victories in both events.  A racing package of vehicle purchase, with delivery and support for both Chihuahua Express and La Carrera Panamericana for 2016 by “Mustangs to Go, LLC.”  Upon completion of the two events, delivery of the Mustang - FOB Dallas, TX.  $75,000 USD Mustang only, $115,000 USD Mustang with delivery and support to Chihuahua Express and La Carrera Panamericana 2016. For additional information contact: Todd Landon. Mobile: US 952-250-7948



1961 Chrysler.  Competed six times in the Pan-Am beginning in 2001.  Has also competed in many other rally racing venues beginning in 1996.  The drive train is approx. 1972 Chrysler with a 440 engine with a rebuild after the 2007 season. Automatic trans., 3:23 rear gears. Car will need to be brought up to current Pan-Am specs. It does have a cracked windshield.  Price is $15,000. Please call Dean Smith 702-438-3445 or cell 702-539-9863. Car is in Las Vegas.

1952 Desoto - Built specially for the Pan-Am but never entered.  Raced at Pikes Peak (2009) and also Virginia City Hill Climb (2009). Class should be Original Pan-Am.  Engine is a 1957 Chrysler 392 Hemi.   Trans is automatic TorqueFlite. 3:23 Sure-Grip gears. 32 gallon fuel cell.  Car has a 1973 Camaro front sub frame with disc brakes.  Race it or not this car is a ball to drive!  Finished in 2006 the car will need to be brought up to current Pan-Am specs. Price is $35,000.  Please call Dean Smith 702-438-3445 or cell 702-539-9863.  Car is in Las Vegas.

Engine For Sale – Chevy 359 c.i. with 10.5-1 compression, 551 hp and 460 lbs. of torque. 18 degree heads, Crower roller cam, Holley 600 cfm, etc. All the good stuff. Has around 1000 miles on it, ran part of one LCP event.  Full spec sheet available.  Contact Oscar Carillo at

The ’49 Cadillac LeSalle and the ’53 Studebaker advertised here last week have been sold.




Gerie Bledsoe, North American Coordinator

Chihuahua Express

Evanston, IL 310-703-4476 (Central Time Zone)

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