09:00, Monday 4th January 2010.

-- BEGIN -- - Finding your next Aston Martin just got easier
AstonFinder is a new internet-based advertising partnership specialising only in Aston Martin motor cars for sale. Keith Riddington, former Aston Martin Works Service Manager, has teamed up with Graeme Miller, ex-Aston Martin IT consultant responsible for creating Aston Martin's online Parts and Vehicle Ordering systems, to launch this unique project. Between them, they know exactly what the Aston Martin Buyer is looking for when searching for a new car, what the Aston Martin dealer/specialist is expecting when they have a car for sale, and how to deliver it in an easy-to-use, simple and secure web site.

We would like to introduce you to When you log on you will see that we are already advertising a large number of top quality Aston Martins from a handful of dealerships. From the exciting and completely exclusive to AstonFinder, Aston Martin Bulldog, a rare Lightweight DB4 GT Zagato, a stunning Lightweight DB4 GT, the exclusive V8 Vantage Volante Prince of Wales, to the latest Aston Martin DBS.

The benefits of joining AstonFinder are numerous. All private advertisers benefit from free listings, whilst dealers/specialists are provided with useful sales statistics gathered from the site, informing them of the number of hits each of their advertised cars has received and who has enquired about which vehicle. They are notified of any private buyer interested in your vehicles and their details will be forwarded to a designated email address at the dealership.

Keith Riddington

07889 805432

Graeme Miller

07785 704242

-- END --

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