Dear Classic Owner,
Happy New Year! What a cold start to 2010 and we’re not the only ones who need wrapping up warm in this weather, it’s a time when you really have to keep an eye on your classic car more then ever.
Falling temperatures can have a devastating effect on classic vehicles when stored in very cold environments, even if you have heated storage units. Cold affects all parts of the car and we all know the problems salt has to chassis and engines, so do take all available precautions to protect every part of your car especially rubber seals, hoses and finishers. If you have any reservations please do not hesitate to contact me for assistance.
I had a very pleasant experience the other morning that I wanted to share with you (no, not that kind of experience!), one which perfectly illustrates why you should get the very best advice if you are thinking about buying or selling classic cars. A couple of years ago, I had a few meetings with a client looking to acquire an Aston Martin V8 Vantage. Unfortunately, for whatever reason, I didn't win the business and he bought a cheaper vehicle to the one I suggested. Now, like everyone else involved in business, I moved onto my next subject and pretty much forgot about the experience. Imagine my surprise then, when he emailed me the other morning out of the blue and asked me to call. When I did he admitted that he'd had a nightmare with the car he'd chosen and he now wished he’d gone with my original choice. Consequently I'm now going to meet him next week to discuss what to do with a car which has cost him far more than the one I suggested in the first place. To make matters worse the model I favoured has now gone up in value!
But how did he remember me and have my contact details TWO YEARS after I last spoke to him? Well, whilst we might not have spoken on the phone, I did add him to my E'News email information service so he’s been getting regular updates from me and has always had my details at his fingertips.
THAT is how he remembered me and was able to get in touch via email.
So let me ask you this...
How many people do you think have purchased the wrong classic car and, for whatever reason, didn't give a second thought to good sound advice? How many people let their heart rule their head when it comes to making such a big decision and how many of them do you think really made the right choice?
Don’t be one those people.
If you are looking for a classic car or know someone who is, then contact me through or go to the new Aston Martin web site, - the only place to find every Aston Martin currently available on the market, from a 1923 model to the latest DBS Volante. The site has cars exclusive to AstonFinder, such as the Aston Martin Bulldog, DB4 GT Lightweight Zagato, DB4 GT Lightweight, V8 Vantage Volante PoW and a Lola Aston Martin LMP1 Le Mans car. There really is something for everyone.
If you are planning to attend the auctions I look forward to seeing you around and remember Classic Cars Auction Reports will be with you soon. To register, forward your details to
Happy motoring,
+44 (0)7889 805432

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