1949 Bentley Mk6

The Bentley was purchased in 1988 from a Robert Regen in Wales for a mere £780.00. This consisted of a chassis with rear axle, front suspension, 2 drums, 2 rear spring, steering column and 2 Lucas P100 heads.

The chassis was then modified and powder coated, and an ash frame was built from scratch by David Simpson.  The engine was replaced with a 4.5 litre Bentley engine with a full flow oil bypass system. The front suspension was lowered and completely rebuilt. Other items on the car that were rebuilt included the radiator shell. Many parts of the car needed to be completely remade from scratch by expert craftspersons. These included the outside hand brakes and fittings by David Simpson. Simon Green remade the finely crafted wooden steering wheel using the original centre boss. The stainless steel fuel tank had to be built, along with a fitted windscreen by Simmonds, who also recreated the hand stitched mohair easy hood.

Since being fully restored to its former glory by a collection of highly skilled crafts people, the car has gone onto two wins at the Bentley Concours.

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