Hi everyone, I am new to the club and would like to know about the other members, cars they own and if anyone ot there is also a nut on Fulvias? thanks. Hank

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Hi Hank-
Although I don't currently have a Lancia, I have owned a Lancia Fulvia Zagato 1.3s, a Flavia PF Coupe, a Flavia Berlina, a Flaminia Zagato 2.8 Sopersport and a Flaminia Zagato 2.5 Sport. There are photos of these on the American Lancia Club web site, www.americanlanciaclub.org. I wish I still had the Flaminias!

Regards, John Cecil
Hello Mr. Cecil,
Thank you for your response. Great photos and a very enjoyable piece on your former cars! Thanks. HANK
I'd love to get a Fulvia one day. I was wondering what they go for? you just don't see them that often.
Hi Chris, Welcome! I have seen basket cases for 1500 and sadly, passed on a really nice one for 9500. The cars are great to drive but can be frightenly expensive to repair. So, I am looking for one between 5000 and 10000. The 1600CC Fanalone models seem to be quite a bit higher but are that much faster as well. Please keep in touch! Hank
Hank, It's going to be tough to find a solid Fulvia (I assume you're talking about a 1.2 or 1.3 Fulvia Coupe) for less than about $12k-$15k; really good ones are already over $20k. A basket case isn't worth the cost of shipping to get it to you. They're not particularly expensive to maintain if you start with a decent one, but you'll quickly get upside down restoring a mediocre one. If that $9500 one was a really solid car, it'll be hard to replicate that deal. If you're interested in a 1.6, the S2 HF1600s are a lot cheaper than the S1 1.6HF "'Fanalone"s.
Oh, and I forgot to mention--to answer your original question, I certainly qualify as a 'fulvista'. I'm currently trying to put together a register of all Fulvias of all types in the US. And I've got a 1.6HF.
Hello Lancia Friends,

I am living in Luxembourg and drive a Fulvia 1.3 HF from 1967. he car has been prepared for track and rallying in Firenze Italy by Gianni. You know the Fulvia specialist who tuned Fanalone in the 60 and 70s. Gianni Fulvia had the motor block painted in red instead of the giallo blue (colors of the city of Torino).

Here is a pictuere of my Fulvia.

In 2008 I participated the Tour Auto , and we finished 21 st overall (regularity) and were happy to win the second hill climb.

Ciao Lancisti

Pierre Yves Augsburger
Welcome Mr.Augsberger! While I do not currently own a Fulvia, I hope to in the near future. I saw my first one at the Chcago Auto Show in 1966 (I was 9 years old) and after finally driving one in 1975 I was totally in love with them. Have a great weekend! Hank Baumann
Ciao Pierre,

Welcome to the forum. That's a very impressive result on the Tour Auto--congratulations!

Saluti, Ed
Hi Hank and others,

I am Paul van den Berg, owner of the Vere Lancia workshop situated in the Netherlands, one of that countries that still houses many Flavia's and Fulvia's. We rebuild all racing and rally cars the company used. As you may find on my website - www.verelancia.com - we also produce and ship all parts you may need to turn your car into the beast it can and should be.

Happy revving, Paul
Hello Paul,
This looks like a great resource for all of us "Fulvista" Thank you. Talk soon. HANK


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