Hello all, I am seeking any input regarding bad oil delivery issues.  Background:  My car is a normally asperated, not street legal, roadracer.  The first motor I used was a fully built D15 with a standard oil pump and no accumilator setup.  It ran great for three races before it blew.  After dissection, it was found that the #1 piston had shattered into about 1,000 pieces and put a h*** in the block.  So, I went with a B16 for the next motor.  I did nothing special to the motor other than normal race prep (cleanin and fluid change).  It ran really fast!!!  With 5 laps left in the race, BOOM.  Blew it too.  I have not dissected yet, but there is a h*** in the block right below the # 1 cylinder again.  Almost the same spot as the other motor but on the front side not the back this time.


Anybody know any oiling tricks?  A better oil pump, gallery modifications, accumilator system, etc?


Any info is greatly appriciated.





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