Three and a half years ago, July 2005 to be exact, I was fortunate enough to put together a drive from London to Maranello and back in a Ford GT and a Dodge Viper. If you’re a reader of Octane, you may have remembered reading about it. Of all my many great driving adventures, it ranks right up near the top.

But the highlight of that trip was meeting and becoming great friends with French Ford enthusiast Christophe Schwartz, who was alerted to my adventure when a friend posted photos of my laps on the Nurburgring in the Ford GT from just a few days earlier. Christophe met me at Le Mans and through his efforts I got to lap the Bugatti Circuit in both the Ford GT and the Viper.

But what is probably more interesting is what happened the next year. Christophe put together a team to enter an FIA-leagal recreation of the original Olympia Brewery-sponsored Dodge Charger that ran at Le Mans back in 1976.

Rather than repeat the whole story here, I invite you to read the entire story over at Automotive Traveler and download the available desktop-sized high-res images.

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even though I lived it, this story is like a fairy tale and the way you tell it makes it even better. I can't get tired of reading it on Automotive Traveler. I sure hope to see you back with us in France in 2010. I'll probably come and do a race on the West Coast with my latest project:
As with the Oly Express, that car build is also managed by D*** Pierson.




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