Sonoma Historic - Class 1B RACE Video - Infineon Raceway - In Car Video - Sunday, June 5, 2011

Just participated in the Sonoma Historic Motorsports Reunion on June 5, 2011 at Infineon Raceway in Sonoma, California with 37265.

Here is a brief recap of the race:
Started in 7th place. There were 4 other Bugatti's in the field with T35B (Bill Lyons) starting in 8th, T39A (Charlie Shalvoy) starting in 9th, T35B (Mike Gertner) and T57 (Mike Cleary) starting further back.

Got a good start, and gained one position when Alta of Tom Price dropped back at start due to some mechanical issues.

First lap, I saw T35B of Bill Lyons using his 50 hp more down the back straight and ducking in the corner on turn 7. As a result, I tried to brake late to hold him off, and almost lost it! Fortunately, I got back on it, and still held T35B off going into turn 8.

Second lap, T35B uses power to pass me down back straight, but on turn 2 of next lap, he loses it and SPINS out, so I gain back my position.

Peter Giddings in his Alfa Romeo pulls out after 3 laps due to mechanical issues.

I almost catch Jim Stranberg in David Duthu's Talbot Lago, but then he puts on the 290 hp (compared to my 85hp) and powers away.

I am seeing T35B catch me again, and looks to be about 2 laps away from closing the gap. However, then we hit lapped traffic, and I am able to hold him off until the end.

Miller Ford Indy car pulls to the side on next to last lap, and I end up in 4th place!

Just got lapped by Alfa Romeo Tipo C, so I completed 10 laps total.

I was the highest finishing Bugatti in the Race. Not bad for a 4 cylinder type 37A with only 85 horsepower!

Overall Results - Top 15 spots, Class 1B:
1 - 1935 Alfa Romeo Tipo C, Peter Greenfield, 3800cc
2 - 1934 Alfa Romeo Tipo B P3, Jon Shirley, 3200cc
3 - 1949 Talbot Lago T26-C, Jim Stranberg, 4482cc
4 - 1927 Bugatti T37A, Andrew Larson, 1500cc
5 - 1927 Bugatti T35B, Bill Lyon, 2262cc
6 - 1929 Bugatti T39A, Charlie Shalvoy, 1500cc
7 - 1935 Railton LST, Ivan Zaremba, 4200cc
8 - 1933 MG LI, Ernie Page, 1086cc
9 - 1939 Lagonda V12, Richard Morrison, 4500cc
10 - 1931 Chrylser CD8 LeMans, Howard Swig, 5300cc
11 - 1928 Bugatti T35B, Mike Gertner, 2262cc
12 - 1932 Miller-Schofield Ford, John Kerr, 3310 cc
13 - 1939 BMW 328, John Fitzpatrick, 2000cc
14 - 1926 Frazer Nash Boulogne, John Kerridge, 1991cc
15 - 1932 Studebaker Indy, Kevin Pitts, 5506cc

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