Nürburgring 24h Hour Race, 2016, Onboard - Porsche, Falken Motorsports

The Nürburgring in the dry presents drivers with one of the toughest racetrack challenges in the world. 13 miles of forest-scything asphalt, 73 corners, a whopping 300m of ascent from the lowest point to the highest: the enormity of it is off the scale.

Throw run off areas that make F1’s Monaco circuit look like a desert wasteland into the mix, and you’ve just about got the scariest, most unforgiving test in motorsport. They don’t call it the ‘Green Hell’ for nothing.

At the annual 24-hour race around the Nordschleife, that task gets even harder as teams battle fatigue and changing conditions to go as far and as fast as the clock will allow. Drivers often do stints of three to four hours at a time, and crashes are common.
Peter Dumbreck beim 24h-Rennen 2016 im Falken Porsche!

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