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At 6:26pm on October 13, 2010, Stephen Page said…
Hi Casey
Pete looks like a real talent and a find.
I hope that you are well :-))
All the best - Stephen
At 4:38pm on February 27, 2009, Conor O'Brien said…
I have to congratulate you on your Vintage Racecar Magazine, which I am now getting and have just received the March issue. Fascinating information on the racing world worldwide and I am delighted to see the European advertisers such as Fiskens, Race Retro and a few others are now involved. How soon until you have a European edition of the Magazine. I have not been a member of VRL for very long but in that time have seen the membership increase significantly by the day and it will , I know, become the leading international website for Vintage or Historic racing. Stephe and his team have done an amazing job and you are all to be congratulated. With Kind regards
At 11:31am on February 23, 2009, Stephen Page said…
Hi Casey
Please take a look at your Group on MyVRL.
A copy of your website shows up to bring the latest content to your Group members.
Facebook and MySpace cannot do this :-))
Thought you should be the first to try it.
Warmest regards - Stephen
At 4:28pm on February 5, 2009, Patrick Quinn said…
I suspect that we both have nothing better to do than to look The Vintage Racing League website.

Hoo Roo

At 9:30pm on February 4, 2009, Terry Dunne said…
Hi Casey...I will look forward to the answers you get about the HANS device. My guess is that the vintage driver is going to want to stay unincumbered, and NOT want the device. As SCCA Pit Marshall, I lean on the safety side. I will enjoy reading the discussions on this issue. Thanks for making this a popular topic. PS: See you at Lime Rock, Ct. anytime?
At 8:13pm on February 2, 2009, James Williams said…
Hi Casey!
Yep, joined the group.
Missed the HMSA race at Laguna yesterday.
I think Dennis went, though.

At 6:31am on January 31, 2009, Mark Scheuern said…
Hi, Casey! Good to see you and looking forward to shooting for VRJ again this year.
At 1:02pm on January 26, 2009, Marc Nichols said…
Thanks Casey, yes, I have joined some time ago. Health continues well. I was down your way in the fall for a week fighting the fires there. Tragic!

Hoppe all is good withy you. Your mag just gets better all the time,,,truely a fine result. Hope to see you sometime this year.
At 12:58pm on January 20, 2009, PAI Racing said…
Casey, sorry about that. It's Sean Kanaley. We only met briefly and to be honest, I was pretty fuzzy on your name until I saw it posted. As I recall, you know my buddy Doug Schreier (I think that's who I met you with).


At 12:47pm on January 20, 2009, PAI Racing said…
I think we met at Long Beach GP a couple of years ago. I see your truck at Bolsa Chica state beach all the time and come to think of it, I think I saw you there Sunday afternoon, but I wasn't sure it was you so I didn't say "hi". Great looking magazine, by the way!
At 6:15pm on January 15, 2009, Stephen Page said…
Hi Casey
I just missed you in your office.
Please call my cell when you get a moment - 214-676-4333.
All the best - Stephen
At 6:06pm on January 13, 2009, Stephen Page said…
Hi Casey
I just invited you to join the Vintage Racecar Magazine Group on MyVRL.
Coincidently, we built the Group some time ago.
Thank you for your earlier email.
We'd love to be featured in your March issue :-))
At 5:27pm on January 13, 2009, Stephen Page said…
BTW - I love your magazine.
How large is your subscription base now?
All the best - Stephen
At 5:26pm on January 13, 2009, Stephen Page said…
Hi Casey
Great to have you on board :-))
Welcome to MyVRL.
Please personalize the appearance of your Home Page, join the Alfa Romeo, Triumph and your other favorite car Groups, post photos (and race videos if you have them) and invite your HMSA, CSRG and AROC friends to join.
I look forward to meeting you.
All the best - Stephen
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