When it comes to safe and quality driving in summer, it is only summer tires which offer the desired results. Many car owners opt for all season tires as they tend to last longer than summer tires and can be used in various weather conditions. It is necessary that you opt for summer tires if you plan to drive in hot and humid conditions. Summer tires should be preferred to maintain better performance compared to others. Other alternative i.e. all season tires, on another hand, last longer but offer less performance and agility.

When it comes to why should you opt for summer there are many advantages which have been highlighted below:

  • Performance.
  • Handling.
  • Braking and accelerating.
  • Better control at turns and corners.

While you do not want to be stuck at the highway with soaring temperature, here is what you can expect when driving in hot and humid conditions with summer tires.

Shallow Tread Means Better Surface Contact

Many at their first glance tend to take the impression of a worn out tire. It is due to a prominent shallow tread. A shallow tire tread implies that when the winter sets it is time to make the respective change. For winters, as is the case with summers you can either go for all season tires or specialized winter tires.

In wet driving conditions, summer tires evacuate the water below with the assistance of its specialized patterns of the tread which also can resist hydroplaning.

The main objective of manufacturers is to provide with as much of road contact as possible. It makes the along curves and corners steady with better handling. It is the quality of drive which summer tires provide that many drivers go for AMG wheels.

Perfect Choice for Performance Cars

While it is alright if you opt for summer tires even if you do not own any performance cars, these rides are a perfect match for performance cars. High-performance cars are able to maintain greater handling and agility while driving at high speeds in summer.

And, if you are looking to further improve the performance you can opt for performance parts in consultation with a reliable mechanic to get the best out of your car.

With performance comes high price

The performance of summer tires makes it a better choice over other alternatives. But, when it comes to price it costs comparatively higher than all-season tires or even winter tires. If you are looking to drive at high speed in hot summer conditions then the high price should not be a deterrent in purchasing summer tires for your car.


The climatic conditions play a major role in deciding which tire you should opt for. The task gets sorted when you take into consideration how you expect the tire to behave amidst hot and humid conditions. It is the driving conditions which bring in the option of either all season tires or summer tires between you have to make a choice. As mentioned above, if you are looking to drive fast and don’t mind spending extra on your car tires to maintain performance go for summer tires.

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