I used to race at the Santa Barbara and Lompoc, CA road races held on their respective airports. I now own a former WWII airbase and have thought how neat it would be to have vintage "airport" races. The races could be enhanced by staging vintage era aircraft and equipment. The airfield (see www.eaglefield.net) is located in the Central Valley of California, about 1.5 hours from San Jose, 2.0 hours from Bay Area and 4.0 hours from the LA basin. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

I am also looking for anyone with films or pictures taken at the Santa Barbara races between 1953 and 1969 (when they ceased racing), particularly those taken between '65 and '69.

Happy Motoring....

Joe Davis

559 269-7923


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Comment by Joe Davis on February 16, 2010 at 11:21am
Brian, I am glad you like the idea. I was wondering if anyone else would find the idea as exciting as I do. Did you ever participate or attend those races? I remember Steve McQueen blowing everyone away in the formula class (all formula calc, and Gregory Peck being there to watch his brother race his Falcon Sprint in the sedan races. Tech inspection was once done in downtown Santa Barbara at the VW dealership and some folks drove their race cars out to the track....The good ole days!!


Comment by Brian Goldman on February 16, 2010 at 8:47am
Joe its a great idea. Get in touch with Dan Davis at Victory Lane Magazine. He can give you some good help. You have what all the vintage guys would love to be able to race on.

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