The Wankel-engined Mercedes-Benz C111 - Texas-based GWA-Tuning 2011 version


Back in the 1970s, the Wankel-engined Mercedes-Benz C111 experimental prototype stunned the world. Now, Texas-based GWA-Tuning has created its own version of the masterpiece.

The new GWA Ciento Once (Spanish for ‘one hundred and eleven’) is not, however, powered by a Wankel engine but by a 408HP M120 Mercedes V12, mated to a six-speed gearbox. Nor is it the familiar orange colour of the original car, still owned by Mercedes and occasionally seen in action at such world-class events as the Goodwood Festival of Speed. The Ciento Once is painted in brilliant silver with black accents and matching interior.


There are other differences, too, between the C111 and Ciento Once – such as a slightly shorter wheelbase than the original (103in). With upgraded coil-over suspension, and the same braking set-up as the S55 Mercedes-Benz, the aim is to create a real driver’s car.

The tubular spaceframe chassis is clothed in an aluminium body, with glass on the rear deck through which the engine can be seen. There is also an electrically operated, adjustable rear wing, and a rear diffuser and front spoiler with a large air-intake, to guide the airflow into the radiators and out through the vents in the bonnet.

The interior of the Ciento Once resembles the original from the 1970s although, again, there are some updated features: cloth-covered carbonfibre seats, for example, sit alongside its brushed aluminium pedals and illuminated door sills.

General Information about GWA

The main focus of GWA, is not to rework the engines, but the complete design of vehicles. From sporty aerodynamic kits to total composite bodies, sport suspensions,brakes, fine interior details, and even high grade sport exhaust systems with valvetronic control to adjust the sound note.

The fusion of old and new, classic and modern, is what we do best and what we are known for. We successfully combine different generations, by keeping the design essence and applying new technology.

As a Mercedes enthusiast, most of our projects have been done with Mercedes cars. I drive them everyday, have raced them, and even my first car was a 1964 Mercedes 220S, which is still in my garage. I have a special passion for the star.

We also have our own line of sport wheels, clothing and accessories; which can be purchased separately from our complete cars and body kits.

Please don't hesitate to write us with your request of a bespoke Mercedes car, to design your dream, or simply to buy any of the models or accessories.

Thank you in advance for considering GWA-Tuning.

Arturo Alonso Principal.

Team GWA-Tuning,LLC
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