The San Francisco Formula 1 Group take two.

Last night found me with "The San Francisco Formula 1 Group" enjoying Red Bull's Sebastian Vettel's and Mark Webber's one two finish of the Chinese Grand Prix. F-1 fans started to arrive at the "well used" Overtime Sports Bar and Grill around 11PM with a finale count of over 120 fans with by my count almost as many women as men. This may be the largest gathering of Formula-1 fans to watch the race in the states.

Another rain wet race insured an entertaining race with passing, spins and other on track action to take our minds off the last two weeks of F-1 off track drama. Between you and me I will not be disappointed if Briatore and his boys go with out a point the rest of the year. Of course Briatore could not care less what I think.

The gathering was fun. The guys on either side of me were knowledgeable fans who had kept up on the news as to qualifying weights, times and other trivia that ads to a formula one race. The beers were cold with a large selection of brews. I understand from others that the mixed drinks were good and the food delicious, hot and quickly served.

The group's April 26th Bahrain race will be tape delayed with a 10:00AM start time. Get hold of Peter Habicht, The San Francisco Formula One Group for a fun morning of good food, good drinks and knowledgeable fans and what promises to be another interesting race. Hope to see you at the Overtime Sports Bar and Grill, 398 7th and Harrison, San Francisco.

Dennis Gray

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