The Restoration of a 1957 Mercedes 300 sL Roadster

The NTX Automotive Museum is currently in the process of restoring a 300 SL Roadster. 17 years ago this car was parked in a barn because of a blow head gasket. When found piston No.3 was totally locked up inside the cylinder because of the old type coolant used back in the day. When pooling the piston we found out that this was already the 1st oversize and the drilled the cylinders in a cone shape. Now with the 2nd oversize it turns like she is new. The engine was rebuild by Arthur's Mercedes Benz Service in Carrollton TX. Because of the many oil leaks the car had the undercarriage of the car was nicely preserved. We disassembled the complete car and started from scratch by cleaning all parts and replacing where needed. The frame was send off for media blasting and powder coating and looks like new. Most of the new parts where purchased from after making a deal with them regarding discounts. Now we are waiting on the body to return to put her back together. We will keep you updated on the progress. Here is a link to all the pictures we made thus far.

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