The Monthly Classic Car ENews from Classicmobilia. This is issue number 7 for the Classic Car owner and future owner, help and advice, with restoration projects and lots more


Protecting your investment

Dear Classic Car Owner,

Thank you all so much for the response to my last E’News. I could not believe how many people have fallen foul of buying the wrong car, or know someone who has and the tales of woe they had to tell. Stories like these make me even more committed to assisting people with their classic cars.

Well, with the first glimpse of the sun last weekend I would imagine it left many of you thinking of planning the next outing in your beloved classic. Before you do, it goes without saying that you must first make sure everything is up to date: MOT, insurance cover, breakdown cover and that the car is in first class shape.

It is reported that there are more than half-a-million classic or historic vehicles in the UK and three quarters of them are roadworthy and licensed; whether all of them, however, are genuine classics or just old bangers is uncertain. It has also been reported that 50% of classic owners will drive them less then 1,500 miles a year, with a further 30% covering up to 3,000 miles. With so many motoring events coming up in 2010 I know full well I will have my hands full with owners, buyers and sellers all year.

On my regular tours of the auction houses I’ve noticed business is picking up after a slow start to the year. There have been some pleasant surprises and a few cars which have come out of the woodwork that have shocked a number of us in the auction rooms recently. Yet people are still buying these cars - hoping for a good deal - without carrying out basic homework on the vehicles they are interested in. If you are looking at buying a car and you are unsure about it then simply ask someone who knows the model and get their opinion about what you should be looking for.

As always, if I am able to assist with anything then please do let me know and if I cannot answer your question directly I am sure to know someone who will!

Happy motoring.

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