The Historic Stock Car Racing Series - Moving Ahead by Going Back in time in 2010

The Historic Stock Car Racing Series,, announces that it will continue to be the go-to organization where owners of authentic 1995 and older NASCAR and Winston Cup stock cars raced 'back in the day" can register and authenticate their 'rolling pieces of American racing history. Our members can then, if they choose to, compete in a respectful manner alongside similarly minded gentlemen and lady drivers.

HSCRS is dedicated to the restoration, preservation, and continued competition of former NASCAR stock cars and is the organization which proudly and regularly offers the Ride of your Life (ROYL) program which in the past 15 years has generated over $400,000 to charitable organizations including the Canary Fund, Boost Camp of Sonoma County, Cerebral Palsy Foundation of the North Bay, Susan B. Komen Cancer Relief Fund, SPCA of Monterey County and the 11-99 Foundation.

During HSCRS race weekend's, winning bidders in the ROYL, are treated to an E ticket ride in the passenger seat of one of these very historic NASCAR stock cars, at speed, and on a real race track like Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca and Sonoma County's Infineon Raceway. It is very much our way of giving something back to the local community. An ROYL event is an adrenaline charged occasion filled with a mix and combination of pre-track outing anticipation and a little trepidation, "pinned to the back of the seat" acceleration, post outing glee as the riders check one more item off their "bucket list" and finally heartfelt emotions from all involved including the drivers, the riders & beneficiaries for the justness of the cause.

With plans on the table to go international in 2010 HSCRS will focus on another year of events at tracks in Northern California at which time fellow owners can give their mounts a bit of an airing while they showcase their rides and allow the fans in the stands to take a trip down memory lane watching many of the cars which helped make NASCAR what it is today. .

We feel honored to drive these cars and trust that this commitment shows everytime and everywhere we make an appearance. For more information on the Historic Stock Car Racing Series, including how to become a member, contact HSCRS President George Fraser at or call the national headquarters in San Jose, CA at 408-428-0428. Thank you.

Michael Cesario
Competition Committee Member

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