On Saturday February 6 2010 the New York Region of the SCCA and Technology Racing Services will be having a TECH DAY at Wehrmann Engineering www.wehrmannengineering.com in Haupauge on Long Island, in NY. Wehrmann engineering was featured in the Nov\Dec issue of Vintage Motorsports
The featured speaker will be Angelo Zarra presenting The Development of Racing Shock Absorbers with the Evolution of Race Car Preparation Methods presented by Robert Skene.
Michael Alfano will speak on Troubleshooting Wiring and Communication Issues with Data Acquisition and other race electronics.A Video Integration Presentation will be served by Steve Hoelscher of Race keeper
There will be vendor displays and interactive presentations and a herd of race cars on display. The vintage and historic cars will be part of the presentation of the Development of the Shock Absorber. There will be an open session at IRacing.com which is located in the same complex as Wehrmann Engineering, there will be more vendors and industry participation as we approach the date.
So please check for updates at the web location listed. Preregistration is required as the number of participants is limited. Or you can e-mail me here at this address and I will answer more questions.


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