My wife Lise and our younger son Olivier just got back from a weekend trip to Toronto to take in the Real Madrid/Toronto FC game on August 7th. Though it was a lop-sided win (5-1), it was still a very entertaining game!

While their stay was quite short, they had the pleasure of brunching with my friend Peter and his wife Huguette. Unknown to me, Peter had picked up a little something for me.

He found out that SCALEXTRIC had just release a 1/32 limited edition tinplate Maserati 250F; my favorite Grand Prix race car, driven by my favorite driver Juan Manuel Fangio, in his most famous race, German GP, Nurburgring 1957.

Peter knew very well how to pick them! It is a stunning slot racer, with all the right detail. It’s displayed in a very nice presentation box, and includes it’s own numbered card for each of the 5050 produced. SCALEXTRIC also offers a tinplate Ferrari 375 limited edition.

Needless to say, this gem will hold a special place in my collection …

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