Registry of Corvette Race Cars - What Lies AHEAD in 2018

That was THEN, This is NOW - What Lies AHEAD in 2018?
Some 40 odd years ago, Zora Arkus Duntov dreamed about mid-engine Corvettes. Now all eyes are on the revolutionary C8R, built to race in IMSA GTLM. Will it be ready for the season opener at Daytona? As Doug Fehan says, “Most of these advancements are already known. The hard part is making them all work together.” Here’s wishing them the best!
Privateer Corvette teams got hung out to dry when GM decided to exclusively race the Caddy ATS-VR GT. Many wins failed to sell more Cadillacs from the showroom. Now Callaway is cleared to race it’s state-of-the-art C7 GT3R in the Pirelli World Challenge. It won the ADAC-GT (GER) championship last year and just missed the year before. First race is March 11 at St. Petersburg. This should be fun!
From the outset it took a C1 straight axle or a C2 Sting Ray to go vintage racing. Racier C3 Sharks are now in favor. Race history seems to matter less. Built on a C2/C3 chassis, “period correct” sharks created from parts and pieces usually cost less and perform as well or better. 
While C4 styling is often criticized, Tommy Morrison’s Mobil 1 team fielded leading Corvettes in IMSA, Trans am, Corvette Challenge and World Challenge. Cars like these delivered improved performance and today can be found at bargain prices.
The HSR Classic 24 at Daytona in early November is one of the best ways to get involved, meet the drivers, see Corvettes from 6 eras race day and night.
When the C5 Corvette came out, Phoenix Performance specialized in modifying them for SCCA Club racing. Judged by results at the annual runoffs, their setups for C6 & C7 still have the edge.
As the winning legacy of Pratt & Miller grew, some racers and astute collectors acquired their Corvette race cars as opportunities arose. Who wouldn’t want to own one (or two or three?)
They could join a select group of C1, C2 and C3 Corvette race cars that have reached top stature with collectors.
Most all things come to an end. As time marches on, the market is telling us that the pedigree of mass produced Corvettes (converted into race cars) will tail off vs pure racing marques like Ferrari, Porsche, the fabled Shelby Cobra, Shelby Mustangs and Ford GT prototypes.
Given these trends, look for more bargains and barn-finds. In no way does it take away the fun. We chase them all.
We owe a debt of gratitude to fans, experts and photographers all across the globe who are captivated by Corvette race cars. 10 years onward it’s still about FULFILLING those who dream about, work on, restore and race Corvettes.
Special Offer: Get our new double-laminated, high quality reflective decals. Yours for a small contribution that keeps us afloat. Blue on white American International Racing colors logo honors Corvettes that Briggs Cunningham fielded in 1960 at Le Mans for himself, John Fitch, Bob Grossman, D*** Thompson, and Fred Windridge.
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Telling stories like this drive us to keep Corvette Racing Heritage alive and well.
Registry of Corvette Race Cars
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