Pacific Coast Highway to Monterey this august...

Some of you might know that my 6 year old son and I are taking a road trip this summer from Vancouver, Canada, to the Monterey Historics. Part of the fun (depending on how you look at it) is that we're taking my restored 1973 BMW 2002 aka 'Mimi' down the PCH as much as we can. We've never been to the area at that time of year, but are planning to take part in a BMW Car show on Friday August 14, then catch the races on saturday and sunday. With all the variety of events for car nuts, it promises to be a ton of fun.

We're hoping that some of the veterans on VRL can offer tips for tickets, events and accomodations. We're also hoping to find someone with an open spot on a trailer before or after the historics so that we can drive one way and fly the other. As much fun as a 1973 BMW can be, driving over 1300 miles on vinyl and horsehair seats loses it's allure on a two-way drive.

I'm also interested in hearing who else will be down there this year for either meeting or meeting up.

Counting down the days...


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Comment by Michael McKinley on May 21, 2009 at 10:30pm
hey there Ron,

My father and I've been going to the Historics for 7 years now. It's definitely a car nuts weekend in heaven. We are still debating on going this year. Once we hitched up my father's restored 600 and entered it in the Concorso Italiano. But usually we rent a car, take down some camping gear and camp at the track. It's cheaper for us that way. Personally if I could splurge, I'd get lodging but it's pretty expensive down there.

We tend to go to a Concorso or Pebble beach car show, then downtown to watch the auctions. We usually are found perusing the track on Saturday and Sunday. Then heading out Sunday or Monday on a plane. Last year we hooked up with Paul Jaremko and friends. It was a fun time.

If I was going to offer advice. it would be to plan ahead as to what you want to see. It's a pretty busy place that weekend.


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