Notes from the SVRA Competition Director - U.S. Vintage Racing National Championships at the Circuit of the Americas.

Notes from the SVRA Competition Director

Welcome to the U.S. Vintage Racing National Championships at the Circuit of the Americas. SVRA thanks you

for joining with us at this inaugural event. A few reminders before I address the main topics of this paper:


: Make sure you have your Competition License or copy of the License plus an ID with you at

Registration. No License means you don't drive. It is your responsibility to have all paperwork in place

by the time you get to Austin. It is at this point you will be issued your Paddock Pass ( 1 per hauler/tow

vehicle) and your Pit Support Vehicle sticker (for golf cart, pit cart, etc).


: Everyone at this point should realize that this event is run under SVRA East Rules. There is no reason at

this stage to show up with a car that is not compliant to this rule set. The driver is responsible for reading

and understanding the SVRA East rules. Cars that are not in compliance can run but will be designated as

such and will not be eligible for podium or trophy and will be listed at the bottom of the result sheets.


: no transponder means no times and no scoring. Please have the TX number available at

Technical Inspection to confirm your number. A limited number of rentals are available via Timing and

Scoring, located on the 2nd floor of Race Control.

Entrant Information Guidelines and Updates

: these have been provided to you via the SVRA website. If you

have not read these, you need to. Staging and paddock rules are included along with photos and maps of

the facility.


Driver's Packet

: review all items in your packet as there will documents that many of you have never seen. In

this packet will be your:


At-Track Medical Form. Complete this, take to Tech to release your Tech Sheet for your car(s).

Tech Inspection for your car will not be completed without the fully completed At-Track Medical Form.

Please confirm that the At-Track Medical and your Tech Sheet have the properly assigned Car #, Group

and Class.


. SVRA Standard Operating Procedures: since many of you have not raced with SVRA East, it is

highly suggested that you read this document.


SVRA Red Flag Procedure and SVRA "2-Off/4-Off/Spin Rule: these will be covered in the

Driver's Meetings but you still need to read.


Traffic Flow Map: primarily "A" Paddock, that takes in Tech, Grid, on and off track and general how

to move through the "A" Paddock area.

Technical Inspection

: The Tech Sheet (see above) will remain with your car so the SVRA Inspector can

complete it and issue your On-Track Stickers. Arrangements have been made to inspect Formula Junior

and Group 9 cars

on Tuesday and Wednesday during posted Tech hours in their paddock areas.

After that period, all cars must go to the Tech Tent.

Please have your assigned car number on your car when you get to Tech. Letters designating duplicate

numbers will be distributed at Tech at no charge. Confirm your transponder number and make sure it is

correct on the Tech Sheet. Bring your

Log Book. Driver's gear, including Head and Neck Restraint

System (excl. Pre War) must be with the race car for inspection.

There will be multiple Tech Lines and an SVRA Inspector will assign you a position when you bring your

car to Tech. During late-day Tech on Wednesday and also Thursday morning, priority will be given to

the first Run Groups of Thursday Practice.

Your car does not need to go through Tech for Test Day,

but it is strongly suggested that you do get

through Tech early to stay out of the rush.

Note: All cars are required to go through Tech

Inspection even if the car has an SVRA Annual Tech.

Driver's Meetings

: There will be (3) three Driver's Meetings: Location: Media Center

a. Tuesday @ 5:00pm for Test Day & TOP Drivers along with any other drivers that have arrived. You

will be issued a helmet sticker for the Event.

b. Wednesday @ 6:15pm for all other drivers entered for the Event. Helmet stickers will be issued.

If you have attended the Tuesday meeting, you do not have to attend the Wednesday meeting.

c. Friday @ 12:20pm for Enduro Drivers Only. A separate helmet sticker will be issued for Enduro

Competitors. We strongly suggest that a member of your crew come with you to this meeting.

Pit lane/Access and Egress

: Race cars may only enter the race circuit via the False Grid. Race cars may not

access the pit lane via the garages....garaged race cars can only enter the racing circuit via the false grid.

Pit crews/pit carts/pit equipment will enter the pits via SVRA Garages 23 & 24 and exit the pits via

SVRA Garage 2 only. These locations will be marked. This is being done to keep non-race car traffic

away from the Circuit Entrance/Exit gates and for safety.

Race Car Return

: to the paddock from the race circuit will be via the gates at both ends of the Pit Lane.


pit lane speed is 35mph-- radar guns will be in operation. Paddock speed is 10mph-anything on wheels.


: in order to provide an orderly start to each session and to prevent the desire for someone to get to the grid

long before the designated time, the procedure will be as follows:

Qualifying 1

will be gridded based on the best time from the 2 Practice sessions.

Qualifying Race

will be gridded by the best time from Qualifying 1.

The Feature Race

will be gridded by the finishing position from the Qualifying Race for all Groups.

Enduro grids

will be set by the best time posted during Qualifying 1 and the Qualifying Race.

Late arrivals to the Grid will be placed at the rear of the grid and not allowed to take their normal grid position.

Time Sheets and Results

: will be available in the Media Center at the SVRA Desk. Live Timing, along with

other race information, is available via Race Monitor. Information on Race Monitor is found on Page 3.

Race Information and Updates

will be available via Twitter by following @SVRATech, the SVRA COTA

Update Page at, and SVRA Staff located at the paddock entrances.

Race Procedures

: you are responsible to read the SVRA Standard Operating Procedures-2013.

Race length is set by " time plus 1 lap " (ex. 20 minutes + 1 lap ) rather than just number of laps.


: will be done at the discretion of the Technical Director. Failure to immediately report as

instructed will result in disqualification.

On-Track Incidents

: any/all drivers must report to the Competition Director. Failure to do so will mean

disqualification. The Competition Director will be located via the Tech Tent or Race Control.

The COTA circuit

is 3.4 miles long and run counter-clockwise. The Inner White Line on the race track defines

the "Racing Surface". A 2-off or 4-off is "over that white line"---you need to remember this.

Truck Wash:

available on Monday and Tuesday by appointment right on COTA Boulevard. Contact Joel

Armistead at Hill Country Pressure Washing ( or 512-785-6455).


: this will be a big event with many spectators with paddock access. Please lock up your

rigs, trailers, motor homes etc. when you leave your paddock area.

Paddocks must be cleared by Noon on Monday, October 28th.

We need your help and co-operation to make this new and unique Vintage and Historic event a

success. We will do our best to ensure that you have a great experience. Thank You.

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