hello all,

            my very first blog as a member of the VRL is to ask for help! As part of my job i get to play with race cars, both biulding and driving. We have a "Porsche" which we would like to restore to its former glory. Unfortunately we do not have any history on the car save to say it has allegedley raced in the USA and Japan. I am posting a few photos so that maybe someone out there recognises the car. If you think you may have seen it or no anything at all please feel free to contact.

            By the way I have been searching for a few months now and am fed up of the references to the "cars animated film characters". Amusing replies are fun and brighten the day,but please no more cartoon cars!! If we dont get any history on the car then we will simply biuld to FIA spec for a UK / European endurance series, but it would be nice if it were "resotred"


Thank you for your time,

Mike Wilkinson.


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