MGCC Evans Power Cool MG Trophy Weekend


MGCC Spring Weekend- Brands Hatch May 5-6th


It was the MGCC spring weekend at Brands Hatch, sponsored by Evans Waterless Engine Coolants. Wet, slippery and cold were the conditions for the two days, but this gave for some exciting racing for both drivers and viewers alike.

The Evans Power Cool MG Trophy was dominated by Chris Bray who scored a hat trick by winning all three races. Paul Streather was his main rival for the weekend, persistently dogging him around the track in what were rather damp, cold and grisly conditions.


Andrew Ashton in his modified MG Metro dominated the Pete Best Insurance Challenge, who won both races. Andrew’s Metro screamed around the track out performing and pacing all other cars in the race.

The weekend was packed with some exciting racing from clubs who were invited for the event, these included Porsche club, Aero Racing Morgan challenge and Jaguar Saloon/XJS series. Even though the weather was appalling the racing was excellent, with drivers having to utilise all their skills to keeps the cars on the track.

There were several drivers representing Evans Waterless Engine Coolants during the weekend.


Matthew Wurr

Matthew Wurr driving a Morgan +8R with Evans Waterless Engine Coolant in the Aero Racing Morgan Challenge at the weekend displayed excellent racing skill by driving up through the field of competitors from 17th to finish third overall and win Driver of the Race Award.


Alastair Rushforth Motorsports


Evans Waterless Engine Coolants sponsored driver, Alastair Rushforth of Alastair Rushforth Motorsports picked up a first in class and driver of the race award during the Evans Power Cool MG Trophy weekend at Brands Hatch.

Well done Alastair, some impressive driving, as he came up through the course from low down on the grid in wet and slippery conditions to win his class.


TN Racing


With newly converted cars to Evans Power Cool 180, Ollie and Ben were all set for the weekend’s racing. Ben’s radiator on the Saturday was leaking fluid, but the team elected to race despite this problem. Because the car had been converted across to Evans Waterless Engine Coolant, which doesn’t expand as much as traditional cooling fluids the car only lost a minimal amount of coolant. Had the car been running on a water based system it is likely the car would have failed to finish the race.


Team Principle Blaine said “After some consideration we chose to send the car out and I told Dan to monitor the temps carefully. A normal coolant system would have failed but we knew that the new coolant wouldn’t force fluid out under pressure. We were still wary but the car finished and we got the points.


Simon Tinkler

On his first race Simon was unfortunate to spin off the track causing some minor damage that would need to be repaired before Sunday’s race. This meant Simon started further down the grid for race number two, pushing his way up the field to gain a respectable 2nd place in his class.



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