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Jim Meder passed away in December of last year, His Crossle 14F C14F/69/41 is up for sale from his estate. The car was raced only by Jim and was purchased from Roger Barr when he was the Crossle dealer our of Glastonbury Connecticut. The car has been a piece of art work on Jim's living room wall for many years and is in great shape.

This car was the second 14F produced. There is a total of three. The 14F car was the follow on car to the 12F car that Roger won the 1969 FB National Championship that ws produced by Crossle. History from Crossle states only two were produced but three actually were

C14F/68/38 my Car

C14F/69/41 Mederer Car

C14F/69/42 Hutchinson car in UK was a factory car

The car does not have an engine and the original Vegatune engine s long gone. The Hewland transmission is with the car and a few other parts. It has original Crossle wheels. The body is a light weight version of the original. The rear body sections missing as well.

If anyone is interested drop me an email at

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Comment by Stephen Page on August 28, 2017 at 3:27pm

Hi Hamilton

Great post - thank you!
I sent you a personal email.

FYI - a good 14F restoration set of photos:

All the best - Stephen

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