It's not exactly vintage but it is hugely exciting

Hi to anyone who might read this. I'm a relatively new member (Gail Hill) and traditionally have and will be racing a Jaguar XJ40 and Jaguar XJ-S this year in the UK. But I have also become involved in a unique and exciting team called Lunar Educational Racing ( This is a project that teaches young children/adolescents aged 14 to 16 (or 17) in developing mechanical and engineering skills within a motor sport setting. They have built a fully prepared 2.5 litre MG ZS racer which I and another British Women Racing Drivers Club member, Sarah Franklin will be competing in. The team begs borrows and (well I don't think anything has been stolen yet) parts and equipment as it has no budget to speak of but we have sraped enough money together and pulled in loads of favours to get entered for next weekends first televised Britcar event at Silverstone. Competing in the production S3 class we will be in a car built by kids raced by women against many professional and semi professional teams!
We are currently trying to raise modest sums to be able to compete for the full year but hopefully the publicity next week will generate interest. Don't worry I'm not after money (though if its burning a h*** in your pocket the team needs £24k for the full year for parts, fuel, equipment etc).
But if the idea of training young people and giving them an opportunity denied to many in a still thriving British industry exciotes you, like it does me then pass on information about Lunar Racing, tell your friends, bosses, lovers!
If we can get as much publicty as possible it could help make the project viable for the rest of the year.
Ta for reading this

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