It's Car Nuts like us who can make the difference

Amigos, I'm starting this blog because it's time to speak up and help the Great American Automobile and it's heritage. Here in Michigan it's a time of unprecedented challenges, but I'm sure we will sort the headwinds. It is so important that Washington approves the loans to the Automotive Industry since so many people and such a big part of the economy of the US and the World at large depends on it. The American Automotive Industry has taken a lot of actions to make sure we remain competitive in the inmediate future, it's productive base is quickly returning to world class competitiveness, and it's products are a showcase of technology second to none. I hope if you agree that you will help me spread the word and invite your friends and associates to write or call their Congress reps. to speak on behalf of the Auto Industry. Helping the Auto Industry concerns everybody, not just Michigan.
> Thanks for your suport,
> With Kind Regards. Gonzalo.

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