HSCC Evans Waterless Coolants 70’s Roadsports Championship

  1. Season Opener 17th March 2012

    This year Evans Waterless Coolants are sponsoring the HSCC 7o’s Roadsports Championship. Open to genuine production sports and GT cars built and ro...ad registered between 1.1.1970 -31.12.1979.
    Competitors are only allowed to make minor modifications to engine and suspension, body shell must remain as standard. Cars must also remain road legal and drivers are awarded additional points if they drive to the circuit.

    John Thomason is the man to beat this year as the current reigning champion. It was 17th March, Donington and the start of the HSCC racing calendar. With all competitors raring to go, engines warmed up and roaring it was time to get things underway. After a morning of practice runs round the track by all drivers, it was time to get racing. With an overcast sky and a slight bite to the wind, soon the sound of roaring engine screaming around the Donington track could be heard.

    Twenty cars started on the grid, this looked like it was going to be a fast and well fought battle by the drivers as they lined up in a variety of cars. Cars varied right across the board from a Morgan Plus 8 driven by Paul Conway through to a Jensen Healy raced by Robert Barter.

    Paul Conway dominated the race from very early on, but had to battle with Julian Barter in a TVR 3000M to keep his lead. Paul went on to win the race with Julian coming in second place, third was taken by Charles Barter driving a Datsun 2042. It was an excellent hard fought race by all competitors and a good start to the season for Paul Conway in his Morgan.

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