Hi - I am another Kiwi who has joined this site but have a look at mine on finding car magazine references

HI I have a unique site - I believe no one world wide has what i do
- I document in depth whats in a car magazine (while mostly local kiwi besides many kiwi magazines send them to me free overseas i have to buy and $$$ is tight at the moment:) ) as overseas ones Editors have not got their head around the concept that i promote them for free? (Go Figure .. I come to the conclusion there a lot of thick editors out there!) - I covered details of magazines published 2006-2009
see site www.carmagreviews.co.nz

I am featured in following kiwi car magazines who have done stories on me

NZ Classic Driver Issue 18 issued 2007
Beaded Wheels produced by NZ Vintage Car Club INC I will be in coming April-May 2009 addition and will starting a Question & answer column

For those of you who want to find older stuff -This is offline - email me at julian.walls@xtra.co.nz service is free

I have an even greater Index to many of worlds English speaking magazines from publication date 1947-2005 from Mainly the United Kingdon; Australia, USA and New Zealand

I started compiling at age 12 in a exercise book I am now youthful 47 its on over 340 very huge spreadsheets in Excel 2007
This is more then an Index... many of you who run clubs or own particular vehicles will be interested to know that particularly last 12-15 years of compiling I Helping to create a register to where many of the worlds rarnist cars have been in the past as i note down to registration number; chassis number ; owership details did it race ; what auction did it occue who restored it who originally bodied it I not e down discoveries ; inquiries ; and Particularly letters very informative Pretty much everything of magazine from cover to cover - - who sold it who found it etc ITS MASSIVE

I be looking on Club sites and seeing how I can Help I must say Alexis site seems to be well covered -There has not being a hell lot of info on this unusual rare British Racing car manufacturer
So if you stuck on something ...I might be able to help

Cheers Julian from Upper Hutt New Zealand

P.S I do have a blogg but its pretty basic and lately from A-Z i publishering some of my findings on unusal rare cars from A-Z so far i on the As

By the way Stephen Page you missed out some makers in the As - and inthe Bs - What about Bond 3 companies come to mind Bond 1924 from the UK
Bond 1948-1974 another British Firm and BOND AIRCRAFT & ENGINEERING CO Blackpool LTD (GB) who made a 500 -Type C Midget Racer

Cheers Julian

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