i am just getting into classic racing with a lynx, which is a NZ build replica of the good old lotus 7, based on a triumph herald chassis and powered by the 2tgr toyota engine. for its age it goes quite well.

to date i have done the wallaceville hillclimb and a triumphs in taupo meet on the recently used A1GP track.

have another hillclimb in 2 weeks and then hoping to do a 2 day meet at manfeild (MG charity classic)in may, meantime its full steam ahead doing body work and paint.

04/03/09, just had phone call from motorsport NZ my car has been classed as a 75 throughbred and classic group 3.. sweet

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Comment by Bob Osborne on February 28, 2009 at 1:15am
hi Juilian and thanx for the welcome.
my lynx is definitly nz made, western glass fibre in akld made them from moulds they also made. production was 83-92 with 108 produced. I have just written a brief history on them which may be published in the next CCC mag, i just last week spoke to one of the owners of WGF and am hoping in the next few months to sit down with him and get some detailed history down on paper with photos. Their was a Lynx owners club back in the 80's and it wasn't unusual for 30 -40 cars to turn up for club events, we are currently hoping to restart the club and have details on about 30 cars at the moment, unfortunatly about 1/3 of them have been written off.
Comment by carmagreviews on February 27, 2009 at 8:38pm
HI great to see another Kiwi I just joined today - Interesting you say your Lynx was Kiwi Built because a company Australia called Lynx Engineering was making same car and years ago a local importer Distributor of Equipment needed for the wine industry had a Lynx Club man (Lotus Super 7 Like) in his warehouse in Miramar Wellington when I went on business to visit and I believe his car was Australian

About the time the Australian operation ceased another company Lynx Engineering was started in the United Kingdom soon to make its name for making top quality Jaguar D Type Replicas and undertaking work for Jaguar in restoring many of its cars in its musum - they also did conversions on Jaguar XJS into Estates called Eventurer and a convertible conversion when the Jaguar XJS was no longer

With regard to your Lynx may moulds were sold to NZ operation
And yesterday I had discussions with Pat Halow of Constructors Cars club who writing a book on NZ Kit car car scene maybe he enlighten us on the orgins of your car

Cheers Julian from Upper Hutt

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