HANS Devices to Be Required by some Clubs

We just put out our annual Safety Gear issue that takes a fresh look at the SFI-certified HANS devices on the market. I was interested to learn that a number of US clubs are going to start requiring some form of SFI-certified HANS device. HSR/SVRA, VSCDA and HSR-West, will start requiring them towards the end of 09, and fully requiring them in 2010.

What do people generally think about this? I've started a discussion on this on the Vintage Racecar Group page http://www.myvrl.com/group/vintageracecarmagazinegroup I'd love to hear how racers here, and abroad, feel about this.

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Comment by Marc Nichols on January 26, 2009 at 1:11pm
I think this should be a personal decision. I race with an open helmet which would not be compatible. I do this by preference as I embrace the "vintage" in vintage racing. Personally, I don't hold with roll cages or modern helmet/car graphics either. If I was looking for a safer ride, I'd be racing modern machinery or installing a harness on my rocking chair. I'm wondering if the clubs that are requiring head & neck restraints have a high(er) incident ratio. Perhaps a look at driver agression would be more effective and appropriate to vintage racing.
Comment by David Moore on January 19, 2009 at 8:19pm
I've been wearing one now for three years. I also HIGHLY motivate/recommend any clients and friends that race with us to wear them as well. So far just about everyone has got one and its just part of the drill now. Its a VERY good safety device that should be required just like a helmet is so I'm glad to see vintage sanctioning bodies follow suite.

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