Group of 5 Historic Monopostos available, including 4 Coopers

I am assisting the owner of a group of 5 historic racing cars that is coming to market. The cars include:

-1960 Scorpion FJ, fully restored, DKW 1100cc 2-stroke, excellent history -1 of 9 built and 1 of the 6 with DKW power.

-1961 Cooper T56 FJ with 1100cc BMC engine, 5-speed Jack Knight box, car previously owned by Ivan Glasby in NSW, Australia

-1957 Cooper T41 F2, 1500cc sohc FWB Climax plus original FWA 1100 cc block, car currently under restoration and basically complete except for gearbox. 1 of the 4 built in 1957.

-1957 Cooper T43 1640cc dohc FPF Climax engine, ERSA 4 speed box. car recently restored.

-Cooper Mk 9/IX F3

The first 4 cars are to be sold as one single group lot and the MK IX is available separately.

Would you or any of your fellow historic racers and Cooper enthusiasts have interest?

Thanks and best regards,


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