The Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008 gives the Treasury authority to purchase up to $700 billion of troubled assets. This program, designed to boost liquidity and confidence in U.S. capital markets, may provide a number of opportunities for current holders of troubled assets and for those looking to acquire some of those assets.

Is your company prepared to evaluate opportunities created by the bailout?

Grant Thornton has assembled a multidisciplinary Economic Crisis Team to help you navigate a course through this uncharted territory. Composed of Audit, Tax and Advisory Services leaders from our Financial Services practice, this team is especially experienced serving the unique needs of financial services companies. Our team also has vast experience managing the complexities of government agencies. With 50 offices in the United States supported by a staff of nearly 6,000, Grant Thornton's Economic Crisis Team has firm-wide experts and resources to assist you in the development of your strategy to maximize this opportunity.

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