Classic Car Christmas Cards with YOUR Car in them

This year you can send out Classic Car Christmas cards with your car on them. I had an artist create 20 different Christmas Card backgrounds with roads in them and I can place your car into the card of your choice. Just email or snail mail me a photo of your car. Don't worry about what is in the background of your photo. I will digitally remove your car from the photo you send me and place it on the card of your choice. Before you photograph your car take a look at my website and pick the card background you would like your car to be in. On the right hand side of my website you will see a sample composition I have created. Take a photo of your car similar to the image of the car I placed on the background. Hint... don't be afraid to get down on one knee when photographing your car! Additional information, suggestions and hints can be found on my website. To view my Custom Christmas Cards and Custom T-Shirts with your car on them go to the accessory tab on my website.

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