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Since I am, by all accounts, a rookie at this sport, I do a lot---I mean a LOT--of research for anything I write for the blogs. And then I run the stuff past Pete, and he fixed everything! In the course of all of this, I run into a bunch of trivia. So I decided to make use of these useless tidbits and factoids...and put together a series of trivia quizzes. All of the answers are somewhere on

The answers are at this link.

1.Who was the first President of the SCCA?
2.What driver won the first SCCA professional series?
3.What is the name of the Hylton “family compound” which, rumor has it, was purchased to house Pete’s car collection?
4.Here are three questions about the 1951 international challenge race between Argentina and the U.S.
Name 5 of the nine team members.
What other major sports event was being held in Argentina concurrently to the challenge cup?
How did the American team place?
5.In the first half of the twentieth century, the Automobile Association of American was the primary sanctioning body for car racing. ( The triple A went on to bring a new meaning to the term auto club). What single event brought an overnight halt to the AAA's involvement in racing events?
6.Another question about Triple A...the Automobile Association of America was the original sanctioning body of what major racing event?
7.What other major racing organization was formed the same year as SCCA?
8.In 1968, what “first and only” happened during the Huntsville National Race?
9.What famous Formula One driver, who started out as in NASCAR, was killed in 1959 in an accident at the Daytona Speedway eleven days before the new track's opening event?
10.During his NASCAR career, the driver from Question 9 raced what model of car? Hint: the late Paul Newman was the voice of the character based on this car in a popular animated movie.

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